South Africa’s stories aren’t just in the way we live or the food we eat. They’re not just in the traditions we practice, the histories we repeat or the languages we speak. They’re in our music and movement. They’re in the powerful rhythms of our songs and the physicality of our dances. Sometimes they only begin where words end.  QUOTE: DI TIPPING WOODS

The “Roots of Rhythm” show group offer a unique and vibrant evening show, brought directly to you, at your lodge.

Under the stars around a glowing fire the songs and dances of the Shona & Venda, the Tsonga, the Shangaan, the Pedi and the BaHananawa (Tswana), the Swati and Zulu dances come to life.  The hour long show ends with interactive dancing as a highlight for the guests.

An option in most lodges is to welcome the guests to the performance area with beautiful songs that range from local tribal tunes, gospel songs and popular English songs of Africa.  This is an ice breaker and also a very popular way to surprise the guests before launching into the main dance show.

Roots of Rhythm performers provide visitors with a better understanding of the rich cultural background of the Limpopo Tribes, identifying the tribal rhythms and songs through colourful costumes, dynamic dance styles and earthy drumming. The 12 team members are all local residents from the rural areas in and around Acornhoek, who have been trained in singing, dancing, drumming and dramatic performance.


Available for Weddings, Special Events, Corporate Groups and Celebrations

Choir or Tribal dance show groups are available.

Cost of the taxi transfer for the group depends on distance from Hoedspruit.



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