“Nyani” Cultural Village” “Roots of Rhythm“

 Tribal Dance & Drumming Cultural Show, Hoedspruit 



 The pounding of the drum

The rhythm of the dance

The songs we sing

The stories we tell.

The history and culture of the African tribes comes to life at Nyani Cultural Village.

This new cultural attraction in Hoedspruit is an ideal destination for visitors and learners of all ages, with the program modified to suit all age groups in terms of content and duration.

The cultural journey  starts in our village where guests experience our original show  “Limpopo Pathways” featuring the costumes, songs and dances of the San (Bushmen), the Shona & Venda, the Tsonga, the Balobedu (Modjadji the Rain Queen), the Pedi and the BaHananawa (Tswana).  We also include the Swati and Zulu dances as these tribes played an influential part in the history of the Limpopo.

bonganiThe hour long “theatre” show is designed as an entertainment and educational tool telling the story of the origins, journeys and lifestyles of the tribes that settled in the Limpopo. The show is an exciting venture following the pathways of the tribes from the past to the present.

Following the show (approximately 60 minutes), we introduce all aspects of our Shangaan Village.  Interaction and hands on participation are encouraged as guests discover how the huts are built, the maize is ground, the boys pass initiation, the girls learn to bead and more.  Here  the performers take you on a journey through the stages of life in a Shangaan homestead (Muti).  We learn about traditional practices from birth, through childhood up to marriage, after which a delicious lunch is served in the typical African style.

Tour Operators and Lodges

Roots of Rhythm Show Group was established in 2008. Team members are all local residents from the rural areas in and around Acornhoek, who have been trained in singing, dancing, drumming and dramatic performance.

The Eco Academy is the host venue for the beautiful Shangaan village. The Academy is a safe and clean training centre providing eco and wildlife education to local and International students, focusing on anti poaching, conservation and lodge management.    Conservation of our Heritage goes hand in hand with Conservation of Nature & our Environment.

Just 11 km from Hoedspruit, a visit to the Kruger National Park area is incomplete without a visit to Nyani Village & the Cultural Experience “Roots of Rhythm” Tribal show. In an informative and entertaining way, Roots of Rhythm performers provide visitors with a better understanding of the rich cultural background of the Limpopo Tribes, identifying the history and traditions of the indigenous people through costumes, dance styles and rhythms.


Roots of Rhythm offers a unique Lunch time experience where guests can share the excitement and warmth of true rural African culture BETWEEN GAME DRIVES or BEFORE / AFTER A VISIT TO MOHOLOHOLO OR THE ENDANGERED WILD LIFE CENTER (CHEETAH PROJECT) close by.

The program is flexible but currently runs as follows:

11h30                   “Limpopo Pathways” Tribal Show

12h30                   “Nyani Village” Tour

13h15                    Traditional African Lunch